Crepe Paper Streamers – Decorating With a Twist

From young to old, they seem to have an appeal almost like no other party decor item. What is one of the first things you think of when you need to decorate for an event? For me, once the theme is decided, I start imagining where and how to hang crepe paper around a room or hall to give it the ambiance and mood for celebrating. Adding streamers always makes a place look ready for an afternoon or evening of enjoyment, and they are very reasonably priced with a large selection to choose from. Listed below are few ways people continue to maximize the uses of crepe paper streamers:

  • Themed Parties: Girls get a kick out of twisting them through a room for that special party, that mom finally succumbed to letting them have. Or throw a “jungle party” for your little 4 year old monkey, and twist brown and green streamers through the house, making it feel like the Amazon came home.
  • Prom/Dances: Dance-decorating committees usually have them as a staple item, because the area to decorate is so large, and it is so much easier to get a lot of color around the whole area.
  • Floats: Once summer comes, parades are an intrinsic part of the warm days ahead, and are loaded with streamers of every kind and color. If you are with a group of people getting ready for the 4th of July float for your club, streamers are a great way to start.
  • Weddings: Since they come in such a huge variety of colors, and even come in metallic, it is easy to match the colors of streamers with the chosen wedding colors, and dress up even the plainest hall with scalloped and twisted streamers from one end to the other. Or you can twine them through a trellis or around the tables.
  • If you live up north, where the Canadian geese fly, someone mentioned that they use them to scare the geese off. Who knew?

Five suggestions for making crepe paper streamer decorating successful:

  1. Choose a center point in the room. Hang a floral arrangement, disco ball, star, or other decoration depending on the theme and go straight out to the walls, much like a canopy. Twisting streamers in a spiral fashion can make it look like a carousel.
  2. Combine several colors together and twist and drape them together, adding a greater depth of color than just a single color would.
  3. Make sure you have plenty of tape that will stick to walls, won’t show, and won’t peel the paint.
  4. Be gentle as you twist. They will stretch out and lose that soft look.
  5. Avoid getting the streamers wet. The color will bleed.

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