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Welcome To Streamers Community

Streamers Community is growing fast stop by the discord to discuss comp teams.

Rules in any of our servers are very simple:

  • DONT impersonate players or ADMIN

  • ZERO cheating, dont be  glitching either, you will get caught.

  • DDoS threats, real life threats towards the server OR another fellow player WILL result in a ban, NO questions asked.

  • DONT leak personal information about other players in public chat, that is also a ban, NO questions asked.

  • ADMITTING to cheating/glitching, jokingly or not will result in a ban. 

  • DO have a good time, any issues, click the Help Desk area above, I will quickly reply.‚Äč

    DONT be a major troll in chat, do your BEST to respect others, no racial slurs, no spam.


  • Friendly Admins

    Server Rewards for playing and voting CLICK HERE for more info..